The inSITEs Series

Introducing the inSITEs series, a comprehensive and wide-ranging study meticulously designed to explore and present invaluable insights into the incentive travel industry. 

This series delves deep into the perspectives and experiences of four key industry stakeholders: corporate planners and end users, c-suite executives, qualifiers and participants, and the destinations that host these remarkable incentive travel experiences.

Corporate inSITEs: This segment provides a detailed analysis of the needs, challenges, and strategies employed by corporate planners and end users, offering a clear understanding of how incentive travel programs are conceptualized and executed. 

Leadership inSITEs: Focusing on c-suite executives, this part of the series uncovers the strategic vision and leadership dynamics that drive decision-making processes at the highest levels of the industry.

Participant inSITEs: By capturing the voices of qualifiers and participants, this study sheds light on the motivations, expectations, and experiences of those who partake in incentive travel, ensuring their perspectives are well-represented and understood.

Destinations inSITEs: Coming soon, this eagerly anticipated addition will explore the unique offerings and strategic importance of destinations that host incentive travel experiences, highlighting how these locales contribute to the overall success and appeal of incentive programs.

The inSITEs series stands as a vital resource for industry professionals, providing a 360-degree view of the incentive travel landscape. Through these in-depth studies, SITE aims to equip stakeholders with the knowledge and insights necessary to enhance their programs, foster innovation, and drive the future growth of the industry.

Corporate inSITEs

A qualitative survey series undertaken by SITE Foundation in 2021 with responses provided exclusively by professionals in corporations whose remit includes the approval, oversight, design, planning, execution or delivery of incentive travel programs.

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Leadership inSITEs

Leadership inSITEs is brought to you by SITE Foundation with the generous help of our sponsors, Destination Canada and Accor.

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Participant inSITEs

Participant inSITEs is SITE Foundation's latest research project, based on an extensive global survey of nearly 1,000 incentive travel reward earners situated across a range of source markets and industries. 

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