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SITE Foundation is a charitable organization with US-based 501(c)(3) status. This means it can legally receive tax-deductible donations, and raise and disburse funds.

Why donate to the SITE Foundation?

SITE Foundation’s fundraising is guided by our mission & vision:

Our Mission

Raising funds to drive the business case for incentive travel & motivational experiences and to support professional development within the incentive travel industry

Our Vision

Investing in the transformational power & sustainable growth of incentive travel & motivational experiences


Why donate to the SITE Foundation?

Since 1987, SITE Foundation has invested millions of dollars in the incentive travel industry.

Funds support:

  • professional development
  • the publication of fresh content and research
  • grants, scholarships and financial assistance to the SITE community

Consider making a gift to SITE Foundation (SITE's 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm) to spark change in what promises to be one of incentive travel's biggest and brightest years yet.