SITE Bylaws


Our Bylaws are a precious connection with our origins and link us inextricably with our past, directly to the pioneering professionals who started SITE almost 50 years ago in 1973.

Since 2017 our Bylaws have been under evaluation by a committee chaired by Rajeev Kohli, Past President of SITE. We needed to tidy up a number of technical anomalies such as the official name of our association but also to update our language and processes to better reflect SITE as a truly global association in an increasingly digital age.

In June 2020 the work of this committee terminated when a new draft of the Bylaws was presented to the IBOD and thereafter to the entire membership of SITE.

Following a 4 week on-line voting process and having exceeded by almost 100% the minimum required number of valid votes, the proposed changes to the Bylaws were approved by the 97.37% of the voters.