Meet the SITE Staff

HQ'd in Chicago USA, SITE's Executive Leadership is a global team of specialists dedicated to the advancement of SITE and SITE Foundation.

SITE Executive Leadership

Interim Executive Director & Head of Chapter Engagement

Rebecca Wright

Interim Executive Director, SITE

Roselle, United States

Head of Operations

Mark Swets

Head of Operations, SITE

Chicago, United States

Past President 2008; Chief Marketing Officer

Pádraic Gilligan

Chief Marketing Officer, SITE

Dublin , Ireland

Director of Events

Jacqueline Acomb

Director of Events, SITE

Toronto, Canada

Head of Business Development

Samantha Nicastro

Head of Business Development, SITE

Valhalla, United States

Events Advisor

Tahira Endean

Events Advisor, SITE

Delta, Canada

Membership & Chapter Operations

Membership and Operations Coordinator

Michelle Webb

Membership and Operations, SITE

Chicago, United States

Chapter and Sponsorship Specialist

Jennifer Aldridge

Chapter and Sponsorship Specialist, SITE Global

Vancouver, Canada

Hosted Buyer Specialist

Destiny Strothers

Hosted Buyer Specialist, SITE

Chicago, United States

Chapter & Sponsorship Support

Nakisha Wilson

Chapter & Sponsorship Support,

Marketing & Communications

Director of Digital Marketing

Aoife McCrum

Director of Digital Marketing, SoolNua

Dublin, Ireland

Marketing Support Specialist

Sydney Nolan

Marketing Support Specialist, SITE

Dublin, Ireland

Education & Research

Education Manager

Erin Hlavacek

Education Manager, SITE

Chicago, United States

Certification Manager

Liz Dombrowski

Certification Manager, SITE

Washington, United States

Education Associate

Ben Borucki

Education Associate, SITE