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Each year, we strive to make SITE Global Conference an event that will be valuable to a wide range of attendees no matter their experience level. Regardless of how many years you’ve spent as an incentive professional, you’ll enjoy chances to connect with others, learn about what’s new and next for our industry, and find spaces to make your voice heard.

We’re especially excited to welcome developing professionals to SITE Global Conference and highlight what’s on offer in Dublin this spring for SITE Young Leaders. Sharing more about all that’s in store is Heidi Dillon, Manager of Event Operations at One10 and a Young Leaders representative on the SITE International Board of Directors.


As the inaugural Young Leader delegate on the SITE International Board of Directors, I am honored to serve as a conduit of the Young Leader voice among our association leadership.

What sometimes gets missed though, are equally thrilling opportunities to bring leadership voices back to SITE Young Leaders across the globe — especially during occasions like SITE Global Conference. 

With our rescheduled 2022 Global Conference in Dublin April 20-23, we have an upcoming live event that is an amazing opportunity for our Young Leaders. As a Young Leader, why should you attend the Global Conference?

Networking: Opportunities to interface with the thought leaders of the incentive industry are arguably at their peak during SITE Global Conference. With nearly 400 attendees from every incentive-related discipline from across the globe, conversations and interactions are ever-flowing and engaging.

For new attendees, including Young Leaders, there is a first-timer reception so you can make new acquaintances from day one.

Education: This itinerary is packed with education opportunities featuring our friends and colleagues, that bring forward true thought leadership and will propel you forward in your career and expand your existing skillset.

Specifically for our Young Leader audience, there will be a roundtable session in Dublin focusing on the 2021 Young Leader Conference and how we expect to move forward as we approach SITE’s 50th anniversary in 2023.

Recognition: This year in Dublin, the schedule has (for the first time ever!) featured sessions and outings specifically geared to the Young Leader audience. We would be honored to see you in person (!) at these events.

Finally, on a personal note — put yourself out there. Start a conversation, even if it’s with someone you may find out of your league. They are, quite possibly, thinking the same about you! Focus on odd-numbered groups (3 or 5 people, for example) as it is easier to break into conversation when there is at least one person to whom you can focus your initial introduction.

SITE is truly a family and is always welcoming new members. The best place to see this in action is at SITE Global conference. We are excited to get to know you better, and hope to do so in Dublin!

Thank you to Heidi for sharing her insights as a Young Leader. As a reminder, developing professionals in the first two years of their incentive travel career can join SITE at a discounted rate. SITE members also enjoy $300 USD off the early bird registration rate (ending March 18), only increasing your savings!

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