Global Conference Dublin

When? 27 - 31 January 2022

Where? The Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland


  • Dare!

    In January 2020, we were limitless. We knew when to play by the rules and when to push boundaries. We had certainty and confidence and a clear roadmap for the future. By January 2021, the pandemic had zapped our confidence and stolen our roadmap. We needed our community and courage - the power within us and among us - to face an ambivalent, uncertain future.

    As we approach Global Conference in January 2022, there are definite signs of recovery but the landscape has changed and we need a new roadmap to find the way ahead. These are daring times indeed but, together, we can face any challenge, defy any odds, reach any goal.

    Let's dare to share, to be different, to innovate, to diversify, to shake it up, to dream, to try something new, to care to consolidate, to expand.

    See you in-person in Dublin in January 2022.

    Event & Location Details

    Conference Dates: 27 - 31 January 2022

    Location: Dublin, Ireland


    Venue: The Convention Centre Dublin

    Opened in September 2010, The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) was developed to provide a world-class conference venue in the heart of Ireland’s capital city.

    Located 15 minutes from the airport in Dublin’s Docklands, the finance and technology hub of the city, the CCD offers a truly world-class venue in every sense, from the quality of its design, through to every aspect of its service.

    Return shuttles will operate daily from our host and partner hotels, and the CCD can be reached on foot from most host and partner properties in 15 minutes or less.


    Back again in Dublin

    SITE brought 460 incentive travel professionals from 37 different countries to Dublin in 1991. That consolidated a relationship between SITE and Ireland that started way back in 1974 when Anne Wold-Graham, then an employee of the Irish Tourist Board in New York, became SITE’s first President.

    If Ireland is a leading destination for incentive travel experiences, then this is undoubtedly due to its relationship with SITE, to the connections that were built and the lessons learned.

    Since 1991 much has changed in the world of incentive travel and in Dublin as a destination. Join SITE’s global community in Dublin in late January and dare to hope for a bright tomorrow.

    Parliament Street, Dublin City
    Essex Street, Dublin city
    Drummers at Event in Guinness Storehouse

    Connect | Learn | Discover | Shape

    SITE events are built on 4 foundational pillars – connect, learn, discover, shape. In Dublin, you’ll connect with incentive travel professionals from all over the world, learn the latest from the greatest, discover a scintillating destination and, most importantly, shape the future of our industry by contributing to ideation and co-creation sessions.

    Join SITE’s global community in Dublin in late January and dare to share your views on the future of our industry.

    education session
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    • Non-Member $1195
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  • Connect | Learn | Discover | Shape

    SITE Global Conference is a holistic experience, designed to impact both your personal and professional life. The event is designed to provide you with opportunities to connect, learn, discover and shape. Check out the agenda below and dare to learn brand new things at SITE Global Conference.



    • Day 1 - 27/01/2022

      08:30 – 16:45GMT

      Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) Workshop LEARN

      The Shelbourne


      Early Registration & Hospitality Meet & Greet

      12:45 – 17:30GMT

      Dublin City Immersion DISCOVER

      Deep dive into the delectable delights of Dublin, a 1000 year old city with a strong contemporary vibe. There are 3 tours to choose from - you can view the options here.

      14:00 – 16:45GMT

      Chapter Leaders Meeting Pt. 1 CONNECT

      By invitation only.

      Shelbourne Hotel

      15:30 - 17:00

      Strategic Sponsor Roundtable SHAPE

      By invitation only.

      The Shelbourne

      18:30 – 22:00GMT

      Leadership Dinner CONNECT

      By invitation only.

      Christchurch Cathedral

    • Day 2 - 28/01/2022

      08:00 – 09:00GMT

      Chapter Presidents’ Breakfast CONNECT

      By invitation only.

      The Shelbourne

      08:15 - 13:00GMT

      Dublin City Tours DISCOVER

      Deep dive into the delectable delights of Dublin, a 1000 year old city with a strong contemporary vibe. There are 3 tours to choose from - you can view the options here.

      08:30 – 13:00GMT

      Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) Workshop (Cont.) LEARN

      The Shelbourne

      09:00 – 12:00GMT

      Certified Incentive Travel Professional (CITP) Exam LEARN

      You can apply to sit the CITP exam here. Applications close at the end of December 2021.

      The Shelbourne

      09:00 - 12:00

      Chapter Leaders Meeting Pt. 2

      The Shelbourne

      13:30 – 14:30GMT

      First Timers Session CONNECT

      The CCD

      14:00 – 17:00GMT

      Annual General Meeting & Chapter Excellence Awards CONNECT LEARN SHAPE

      The CCD

      18:00 – 19:00GMT

      David Riddell & Past Presidents' Reception CONNECT

      Young Leaders’ Reception CONNECT

      19:00 – 22:00GMT

      Welcome Reception CONNECT

      Guinness Storehouse

    • Day 3 - 29/01/2022

      07:00 – 08:00GMT

      Fitness Activities Activity


      09:00 – 10:15GMT

      The Experience Imperative: Why Incentive Travel Needs a New Image General Session

      Far too often people think incentive travel is just some sort of jolly, just another way to encourage the troops.

      (Understandable, because that's where it came from.)

      But work has moved on (Hello, purpose) and the science has moved on too. It's high time your clients realised that incentive travel is so much more than a fancy carrot.

      Now - after the pandemic and as the pandemic has catalysed key trends like the remote / asynchronous / distributed working - work-based travel is set to have a more important role than ever. In the 2020s, work-based travel has a unique potential to reconnecting teams and reinvigorating organizations.

      What's more, new research shows that, designed right, incentive travel will make employees happier, more creative, more curious, more resilient, and more productive.

      New research shows that, designed right, incentive travel will make employees happier, more creative, more curious, more resilient, and more productive.

      In this inspiring, informative, evidence-based session, James will share research and insights on why experiences are more important than material goods and how we can leverage this knowledge to encourage our clients to realise the full spectrum of radical, human and work benefits of incentive travel.

      The CCD

      James Wallman, Founder, World Experience Organization

      10:15 – 10:45GMT

      Refreshment Break Meal Function

      10:45 – 12:30GMT

      Changing landscape of Incentive Travel, Delivering impactful safe experiences Industry Stage

      Change was inevitable and now convincing some organizations how they can still create a safe impactful event can be challenging. A panel of industry powerhouses (both planners and suppliers) address the current issues of what clients want now and how that continues to evolve.

      The CCD

      Turning Mental Health Awareness into Mental Wellbeing Action Masterclass

      This session will explore mental health as the cornerstone of organisational strategy and policy, and why it matters. Mental health has a real impact on organisational culture and the bottom line. We will discuss the mental health standards framework and the mental health at work commitment. We’ll end by looking forward and exploring  what is next for event professionals, for event employers, for the event industry.

      The CCD

      Helen Moon, Chief Wellbeing Officer, EventWell

      Business Case for Sustainability Masterclass

      The CCD

      Designing Experiences for Impact Masterclass

      The CCD

      11:45 - 12:30GMT

      Expect the Unexpected Industry Stage

      Things happen. From airport closings to natural disasters to personal circumstances, onsite changes and emergencies occur. As event designers, we are expected to anticipate the unexpected. And an emergency can happen anywhere and anytime. Our destinations and lives can change in an instant. Because of the nature of business events – we’re responsible, in some way, for thousands of people every year. Companies must be able to efficiently and effectively evaluate and respond to challenges for employees, clients, participants, vendors, and other key stakeholders. We don’t know when emergencies will occur. We do know that having the right partners and framework in place will help navigate a complex situation

      The CCD

      Cosimo Bruzzese & Kirstin Huston

      12:30 – 14:00GMT

      Lunch Meal Function

      The CCD

      12:30 - 15:45GMT

      Food Glorious Food Masterclass

      Sensory Evaluation of Food. We live in a world where we have preconceived ideas of what food will taste like before we even take a bite. This session will look at the senses, and how they impact our overall satisfaction levels. We will also look at the future of food in hospitality and what needs to be done to stand out in a very competitive market. This will be a fun session and you will get to enjoy some amazing food from our great island, that is Ireland. We will be serving food and having some really interesting discussions.


      Andrew Rudd, Owner and Executive Chef, Medley

      14:00 – 14:45GMT

      A story of adaptation & new age in luxury event design Industry Stage

      This is a tale of adaptation, from a salesperson who’s had to sell a magnificent but challenging country and from a country that has adapted itself to changes from the beginning of human civilizations. Luxury travel was always heading places. It’s an entirely abstract and limitless concept that is designed to push limits. Many of us thought booking the most expensive hotel, getting the most expensive room gifts was luxury. Or more controversially that the attention to detail, the service quality set us apart. I beg to differ. I've come to understand only those of us who push boundaries, who design never-been-done will survive into gen-x and beyond. Luxury has morphed into something crazy, beautiful and oh do I have stories to tell. The dangerous combination of the now over-abundant amount of cash in the world and the extraordinary feeling of living life with no tomorrow brought on by the pandemic is the new definition of luxury. Here are the lessons I learnt to adapt. First is the story of the “erect stone statue” from 12000 years ago that has put a government into shame, in a city on the Syrian border and how it got displayed to a group of global billionaires. Here I learnt, you give favors to get favors. Then of a valley in a UNESCO Heritage Site which has come to host the most exclusive private events in Turkey. I learnt the significance of crazy local fixers. Then of an illegal pirate’s bar that came to host such an event with an auction that raised half a million euros in 15 minutes. Last is the story of local sourcing, how choosing the right places to spend money make an event. Story of how it’s the end of people who overcharge and beginning of those who charge right.

      The CCD

      Eda Özden Günyüz CIS, CITP, Managing Director, MEP Destination Business Solutions

      14:00 - 15:45GMT

      Equity and Inclusion Masterclass

      The CCD

      Positive Psychology Masterclass

      The CCD

      15:00 - 15:45GMT

      Virtually Engaged | 150,000 people, 23 languages and an airplane! Industry Stage

      Hosted yearly since 2013, our company, the world’s largest manufacturer of aloe vera products, has become known for its Global Rally - part reward, part celebration of our highest sellers and their families. Taking place in a different city each year, this rally has become one of the world’s largest celebratory events and a hugely anticipated cornerstone of our company’s calendar. This seven-year streak came to a sudden halt in 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic. At the last minute a small scale and low-key, pre-recorded Zoom event was eventually staged, but despite all of the best intentions, it lacked the sense of excitement and celebration it was previously known for. When it became obvious that live events in 2021 would again be off the table, the question became what to do now? Would it be another stopgap event, or worse, nothing at all? For the six-person communications team responsible for staging the rally each year this idea left a bad taste in our mouths and wondering whether, in a world where Zoom fatigue had long ago set in, was it even possible to stage something like this virtually, let alone on the scale required? This is the story of how we created an entertaining, impactful, educational and interactive live online event to a global audience of 150,000 people, translated into 23 languages, and spanning every time zone on the planet. The result was eight and a half hours of programming split over three days, filled with adventure, positivity, gratitude, surprises, tears and fun, and featuring a Space Shuttle Astronaut, 1500 customised gift boxes, a Magician, Twins in the Himalayas and a live airplane fly-by!

      The CCD

      Nick Woodward-Shaw, Vice President, Communications, Forever Living Products International

      16:00 - 16:45GMT

      Leading On Empty - How to get what you want without losing what you love Industry Stage

      Life for hospitality and tourism professionals is filled with endless deadlines, unreasonable demands, and all-consuming dilemmas. For many, the pursuit of success and their drive to achieve, leads them to perform at an unsustainable pace putting at risk the very things they love. Left unchecked, drive and ambition can cause anyone to find themselves leading on empty, suffering from the devastating consequences of overwhelm, burnout, and fatigue. It doesn't have to be that way, you can get what you want without putting at risk or losing everything that matters to you.

      The CCD

      Jerome Wade, CSP, Chief Epic Officer, EPIC Global

      16:00 – 17:00GMT

      Improving the performance of employees returning to workforce Dialogue Den

      As we are coming back from our "slow-motion months", we notice how many team members, suppliers and clients are feeling overwhelmed and it becomes somehow difficult to adapt to the regular hours, the amount and variety of tasks and all demands thrown at us. Things that were normal, seem now tough and a struggle. We hear from colleagues how they feel frustrated, as the hours of the day are not enough to complete all their tasks. Also, they complain as the suppliers are not answering fast enough to their enquiries. The "new“ normal requires us to adapt, reinvent and be creative, but most importantly, we must stay human!

      The CCD

      Marina Parra-Flechsig, CITP, Managing Director / Owner, Weichlein Tours + Incentives

      18:30 – 19:00GMT

      Crystal Awards Winner Reception Evening Function

      The Round Room at The Mansion House

      19:00 – 23:00GMT

      Crystal Awards Gala Evening Function

      The Round Room at The Mansion House

    • Day 4 - 30/01/2022

      07:00 – 08:00GMT

      Fitness Activities Activity


      09:00 – 10:15GMT

      General Session: Fear to Fabulous General Session

      Sarah Culberson explores how she achieved her dream of connecting with her biological family: an experience that changed the trajectory of her life for the better. She began her journey faced with the fear of rejection but stepped into a fabulous world where she met her family, connected with her tribe, and accepted the responsibility of supporting those with low visibility. Discovering her heritage revealed a new purpose where she actively works alongside community leaders in order to promote various infrastructure, public health, and female empowerment initiatives throughout Sierra Leone.

      The CCD

      Princess Sarah Culberson

      10:30 – 11:15GMT

      Dare to Rebuild Differently; How to implement an agile staffing model for your organization or events Learning Lab

      The global pandemic has given us the opportunity to look at how we run our events and organizations and identify how we can rebuild differently - including the ways we leverage talent. Some of the most disruptive and innovative industries such as technology and creative services leverage flexible staffing models to ensure agility, profitability, and business continuity. Bringing in new perspectives through freelance talent provides opportunities for diversity of thought and expertise to help navigate through change. The momentum is growing, and freelancers are predicted to become the majority of the U.S. workforce by 2027. The emergence of freelance talent networks makes finding and recruiting on-demand freelance talent easier than ever before! Don't get left behind, learn how you can analyze your own organization or events and find opportunities to implement an agile staffing model for your team.

      The CCD

      Tracy Judge MS, CMP, Founder & CEO, Soundings

      Sustainability and Circular Economy: what the future holds Learning Lab

      Helping the hospitality industry to better thrive and flourish through a circular economy and understanding sustainability from a global standpoint, is key to our recovery. Integrating inclusivity and accessibility and incorporating best practices in the planning and execution of your events will enhance and differentiate your company’s brand, increase your clientele, reduce your costs, and deliver exceptional experiences.

      The CCD

      Benoit Sauvage DMCP, CMP, CITP, CIS, CEO, Hospitality Sustainability Revolution

      “Thanne Longen Folke to Goon on Pilgrimages”: Travel Incentives, Returning to F2F, and Lessons from the Middle Ages Learning Lab

      In spite of navigating the complexities of in-person meetings, incentive travel is poised to fill a void created by the pandemic- the inability to adequately and appropriately provide reward and recognition to top performers.  Beyond salary and bonuses, incentives provide a differentiated opportunity to provide public recognition. Yet, a return to face-to-face interaction is treacherous in a world that seems to have lost the ability to engage in civil discourse. 

      As we dare to congregate in-person again, how we communicate the goals, objectives and rules of programs to participants will critically shape the experience. Planners seeking a roadmap back to successful, in-person events will find that our current global situation is not “unprecedented.” One can look to the Middle Ages and the concept of pilgrims on a collective journey, triggers that ignite culture change cycles, and to Ireland’s own Dame Alice Kytler and scapegoating, for lessons in navigating the path back to F2F.

      Kristin Winford, Ed.D, Principal at BDO USA, and Catherine Jones, CITE, CMP, CMM, MA, MBA, a specialist in culture change, will discuss the perils of the return to F2F engagement and provide insights into paths forward, using non-polarizing historical examples that are proven to engage planners with executable, techniques.  This interactive seminar will incorporate games, exercises and opportunities for dialogue to engage the audience.

      The CCD

      Catherine Jones & Kristin Trahan Winford

      Being the Exception in Incentive Travel Learning Lab

      Comparisons, Labels, Shattered Confidence. These hidden traps and struggles keep us from being Real and keep us from being Successful. Keep us from being Exceptional! The gift of resilience and overcoming life’s circumstances is Annie’s story and allowed her to escape the cycles of negativity and transform into the successful influencer that she is today. In this keynote, your audience will uncover the 7 Steps to Transformation that are MUST have strategies to become Authentic, a Confident leader, and live a truly Exceptional life.

      Be the Exception highlights living outside of the traps of labels, characterizations, and job titles. Getting on the path to uncovering and expressing your authentic self is what makes your life’s journey rich. Annie dives into the “ways of being” necessary to transform your life and live your true passion and potential.  Your audience can expect to learn the value of how “being” is often more important than “doing”.

      The CCD

      Annie Meehan CSP-CVP-CLC-AWA, Professional Speaker, AM Speaking and Consulting

      11:15 – 11:45GMT

      Refreshment Break Meal Function

      11:45 – 12:30GMT

      Creative Networking through Inclusion & Engagement Learning Lab

      “…People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

      In this session, you will walk away with creative ideas and networking concepts for both in person and virtual events, discover new methods of connecting groups of people, explore fun takeaway gifting ideas, innovative venues and how to incorporate a Give Back component. We will explore a variety of methods to engage and deliver to both the attendees and stakeholders, incorporating all age groups and seniority levels.  This is the session for anyone looking to create memorable events through human interaction while remembering the purpose of any event is a return on time and investment to all.

      The CCD

      Jennifer L Shafer & Brigitte Lundrigan

      We are now Cruising...and Pioneering the FUTURE Learning Lab

      This is a session for reminiscing of the Glamourous by-gone era of cruising to learning where the cruise industry is headed with brand new inventory and more importantly, where this multi-billion dollar industry is headed in the very near future. 

      The Glamour and Prestige of cruising was paramount back in the ’40s and ’50s.  The desire and ability to cruise back in those days was one of luxury and prestige.  The thought of planning, packing your trunks and suitcases and pulling up to the gangway of your cruise ship was an exhilarating experience, and still is today! 

      In today’s world – this exact same excitement continues. The announcement and combination of receiving your award-winning information and or meeting destination, all the way to the arrival at the ship, still provides that feeling of ‘we did it and I made it’ for a pure experience for the Highest of an Incentive Quality Experience! 

      A lot of time has passed, and we find ourselves with all manner of cruise options and possibilities at our fingertips. 

      The industry is now evolving to “the next level of cruising” not only for pleasure but for the multi-billion dollar travel and incentive industry where every option for the very best ROI is paramount. 

      Join us as we pioneer the way we used to cruise > we then took a “break” > now onwards to the future of cruising in the language of groups and charters.  With high emphasis being placed on the Glamour and Prestige that one felt decades ago being translated into those “Ah – HA” moment of today and tomorrow. 

      From leisure luxury – to meetings – to events – to groups and charters, we will present the ever “changed” world of cruising and how this industry is bringing a “next level” platform for new experiences / design and their approach to making those magical moments – Memorable.

      The CCD

      Shawn M. Sawyer & Karen Devine

      12:30 – 13:45GMT

      Destination Announcement and Lunch Meal Function

      14:00 – 14:45GMT

      B.A.M. Let's Bust A Mold! Learning Lab

      In this session, you will Bust A Mold on incentive events and learn a tool for rapid-fire idea generation. At the beginning of the session, Kristal will challenge the group on just how many ideas they think will be generated in the 45 minutes. Will you guess right? This fun and interactive session is going to get you up off your feet and thinking in a judgment-free zone. This low-tech workshop will have you walk away with an easy-to-apply methodology that you can take back to your team that will help show them how easy it can be to ideate, take risks, and believe no answer is the wrong answer!

      The CCD

      Kristal Lee Cardone M.Ed. Director, Reward & Recognition Events, Liberty Mutual Insurance

      Table for OneWhy the diversity and inclusion conversation should include singles in the workplace Learning Lab

      Conversations around mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion in the workplace have come to the forefront and studies show that this can lead to greater happiness with work/life balance leading to better productivity and an increase in loyalty. However, there is a large demographic of our workforce that is not actively addressed and should be: The Single. Whether never married, divorced or widowed, being single in the workplace creates some unique situations that should be considered when considering the workplace or incentive travel. There is room for discussion as studies show the newest form of workplace discrimination is single women and men who carry an undue burden at the office, as they are asked to step in for their married-with-kids coworkers, especially as we were faced with the effects of the pandemic on childcare and schooling. And, when a 2021 State of the Workplace Empathy Study, discovered that only 1 in 4 employees believed empathy in their organizations was “sufficient” and an August 2011 survey by the Center for Talent Innovation found that 61% of women ages 33 to 47 without kids believe that their parent colleagues receive more flexibility at work. While we continue to look for ways for our organizations to embrace empathy, diversity and inclusion, this conversation needs to be brought to light. It’s a disservice to employees and employers if we don’t. Much like early discussion around the glass ceiling, working mothers, LGBTQ rights and more, bringing the facts to light is the first step towards positive change. Join us as SITE opens the door to a new, but necessary, conversation to help propel our workforces forward in a positive light of empathy, mental wellbeing and greater productivity.

      The CCD

      Colleen Brzozowski CIS, CITP, Hospitality Sales Professional

      15:00 – 16:45GMT

      Closing General Session & Dublin Manifesto General Session

      The CCD

      Greg Offner Jr., ARM Founder, Global Performance Institute, LLC

      19:00 – 22:00GMT

      Closing Party Evening Function

      Café En Seine

      19:45 - 20.10GMT

      And Then...Networking Lessons from an Extraordinary Life Still in Progress Spoken Word Stage

      Margie McCartney is an effective speaker who reminds her audience of the importance of being authentic, sharing experiences and translating them into personal and professional successes across three continents. Most recently winning the Hall of Fame Award from MPI Chicago Area chapter, she looks forward to an interactive dialogue on Customer Service & The Kindness of Strangers.

      The CCD

      Marjorie Edith McCartney DMCP, CIS, Director of Global Sales, DMC Network

      Sailing my company through the Covid-19 storm Spoken Word Stage

      An insightful description of the actions taken to make Liberty International Tourism Group come out stronger of the Covid-19 pandemic.

      The CCD

      Mario Enzesberger, Founder, President & CEO, Liberty International Tourism Group

    • Day 5 - 31/01/2022

      09:00 - 12:00

      Digital Day

      For those of you unable to join us live in Dublin we are preparing a special event that will bring together unique content, highlights of the learning and sharing over the Dublin event and opportunities to connect with each other from our virtual studio.

      If you are attending the live event, access will still be included for you in your registration fee.

    Featured Speaker - Gregory Offner, Sunday 3pm, Main Stage


    Gregory Offner is a multi-talented individual, with a passion for entertaining and educating others on topics which can improve their personal life and professional success.  Recently, this has been in the area of Disruption and Creativity.

    Ultimately this passion comes from his 17 year stint in Corporate America, and over a decade spent as a professional entertainer.

    Greg had experience leading sales and marketing efforts for several Fortune 100 entities, brokering complex Risk Management and Insurance programs for large commercial entities, and as a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner.  Many of these were financially lucrative, but all were generally unfulfilling.

    As an entertainer, Greg spent 12 years performing around the world - 4 continents, 9 countries and 16 US States - for a variety of audiences.  His ability to integrate that experience on stage (yes, he uses a piano on stage) transforms his program from a keynote speech into a keynote experience.

    In fact Greg's work as a keynote speaker, coach, and workshop facilitator fills a void that most organizations leave in their training programming: soft skill development.

    If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the companies and individuals who will consistently succeed are those who become experts at navigating rapid change and Disruption.

    Greg’s personal and professional experiences with Disruption have not only informed the work he does; they’ve inspired it.

    Greg had analyzed the onboarding, training, and development programs of over 40 companies; all before the age of 30.  Greg explored the educational dynamics of public, private, parochial and military school environments - all before the age of 16. 

    And most recently, Greg has spent over 2 months in total silence as a result of multiple surgeries needed to repair and rebuild his vocal experience that nearly left him mute; and which ignited the critical spark needed to transform his work from a “personal curiosity” to a “professional mission” - to help individuals and organizations identify the one change that can change everything.

    Through a mix of speaking, audience participation, and a little dueling piano bar magic sprinkled in, Greg connects with audiences and gives them powerful tools to transform their life, supercharge their creativity, and lead through personal or professional change with confidence.

    Featured Speaker - Princess Sarah Culberson, Sunday 9am, Main Stage


    Raised in West Virginia by her adopted parents, Sarah Culberson had little knowledge of her ancestry. She grew up in a loving, white household, but she had questions about her identity and biracial roots that led her to hire a private investigator in 2004. When she began her unforgettable journey to find her family, she never imagined what she would discover or how it would change her life: she was related to African royalty. Her biological grandfather is the Paramount Chief of a village in Sierra Leone, West Africa  and Sarah is considered a Mahaloi, with the status of a princess. After meeting her family and the Mende people, she learned of the difficulties and privations of Sierra Leone’s people following a brutal 11-year civil war that ended in 2002. 

    Sarah’s role within the ruling Mende family has taught her to model the responsibilities of a princess, including the preservation of community and culture. Since coming into her title, Sarah has co-founded the non-profit Sierra Leone Rising to support rebuilding education, public health, and female empowerment in Sierra Leone. She has also written a book entitled A Princess Found: A Journey Through  Adoption, War, and Forgiveness and she has become the director of service-learning at Oakwood School  in Los Angeles.

    Sarah speaks nationally and internationally, sharing her story and the inspirational quest that led her across the world to learn of the chiefdom she could one day call her own. Sarah’s passionate and genuine  storytelling instantly connects with and captivates crowds of all ages as she tells her personal story of discovery, self identity, and transformation. 

    Featured Speaker - James Wallman, Saturday 9am, Main Stage


    James Wallman is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, futurist, keynote speaker, and government adviser.

    He is the founder / CEO of the World Experience Organization, which is like the World Economic Forum for the experience industries, from UX, CX and EX, to AR, VR, immersive, travel, hospitality, and wellbeing.

    He has written two bestselling books about the experience economy, Stuffocation (Penguin, 2015) and Time And How To Spend It (Penguin, 2019).

    The Financial Times named Time And How To Spend It one of the ‘must read’ Books Of The Year 2019.

    James runs strategy, innovation, and futures consultancy The Future is Here. Clients include KPMG, HSBC, IDEO, Avis, Facebook, and Marriott International. He has given talks from TEDxLSE to TEDxManchester, the Collision Conference in Las Vegas, Google HQ in California, and 10 Downing Street.

    His opinions have appeared in the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Economist, and Wired. He has appeared on TV and radio from the ABC to the BBC, the CBC and MSNBC.

    He advises the British government on the experience economy: he is a 'Sector Specialist, Experience Economy' at the UK's Department for International Trade.

    He holds an MA in Classics from the University of Oxford; an MA in Journalism from the University of the Arts London; and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

    James lives in London with his wife and two children.

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      The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) is the host venue and the location for education.

      Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1, D01 T1W6, Ireland.

    • How do I book my hotel accommodation in Dublin for SITE Global Conference 2022?

      The Shelbourne, The Westbury and The Merrion Hotel are the main host hotels offering rates for SITE Global Conference attendees. 

      You can also choose to stay in other preferred hotels in Dublin city centre who are offering rates for SITE attendees; The Radisson Blu Golden Lane, The Alex and The Westin Hotel. Visit the accommodation page for details of rates and how to book.

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      Please login to your registration using your email and the unique confirmation number provided in your confirmation email.

      Once logged in you will be to view, modify and add details to your registration.

    • If I did not receive a registration confirmation, what should I do?

      If you do not receive a confirmation email, you may not have completed all the required fields on the registration form. Please ensure your registration is completed fully. If you need further assistance please contact the SITE Global Conference Team.


    • What are the current guidelines for travel to Dublin for SITE Global Conference Attendees?

      1. You must agree to adhere to the restrictions and protocols put in place by Ireland, and can review the restrictions and required forms for entry here.

      2. SITE Global will require you to arrive with a negative covid-19 test taken within 72 hours or less prior to arrival at the destination. Please note that before you are able to pick up your name badge you will be required to show your covid-19 proof of vaccination that you are fully vaccinated against covid-19. We will accept WHO-approved vaccines, plus vaccines authorized or approved by the national health authority of the country where it was administered. The full list of accepted vaccines is:

      • CanSino COVID-19 vaccine
      • CoviVac COVID-19 vaccine
      • Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine 
      • Moderna (mRNA-1273) COVID-19 vaccine
      • Novavax COVID-19 vaccine
      • Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine 
      • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine 
      • Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine 
      • Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine 
      • Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine

      We will also accept a mix of two of the above vaccines (e.g. one dose of Moderna and one dose of Pfizer vaccines). 

      As travel advice is subject to change it is imperative that all intending to travel to Dublin for SITE Global Conference 2022 check the latest travel advice changes.

      We recommend you download this handy App for Travel:

    • What airport should I plan to fly into?

      Please fly into DUB, Dublin Airport.

    • Will transportation be arranged between the hotel and airport?

      Arrivals and Departures

      Transportation to the hotel upon arrival and to the airport upon departure is not included and is at the discretion of the attendee.

      Taxi: There is a taxi rank at Dublin Airports Arrivals and taxis take cash and credit cards. Please confirm with the Driver. 

      If you prefer to use a Taxi App we suggest downloading the FREENOW taxi app from the App Store or Google Play store. Free Now is a licensed ride-hailing app for taxis in Ireland and you can book and pay-in app.

      Aircoach: You can take an Aircoach bus from the Airport with a return ticket cost of €13 and journey time from Dublin Airport to Dublin Kildare Street/Leinster House on the Leopardstown Route (which we would recommend as the stop if you are staying in one of the 3 main host hotels) in 40 minutes. View the Aircoach website and to book tickets online.

      Private transfers: Our partners at Optimum Chauffeur Drive have preferred rates for SITE GC Attendees. 

      Passengers can book directly by clicking on this link and using the discount code SITE22. 

      Alternatively they can email their booking details to our 24 our reservations quoting promo code SITE22 and we will send them back a booking confirmation and credit card payment link.

      The rate for a Mercedes sedan (suitable for up to 2 passengers) will be €110 and for a Mercedes V Class MPV (suitable for up to 5 passengers) will be €125.  These rates include airport parking, toll charges & 4% credit card admin fee. We can also provide rates for larger vehicles if required. Bookings should be made 48 hours in advance of arrival but preferably sooner if possible.

      Contact details:

      Tel. +353 1 8148873



    • What is the event attire?

      Business attire is suggested for the conference sessions. Please do pack winter layers for transfers and any outdoor activities you register for.

      Leadership Dinner – Cocktail Dress (by invitation only)

      Welcome Reception – Casual

      Crystal Awards Dinner – Black and White Elegant

      Closing Party – French Casual, Ooh La La

    • What will the weather be like?

      Daytime temperatures in Dublin in January can vary between 3˚C / 37.4˚F to 12˚C/ 53.6 ˚F and with a chance of rain or wind. Pack your winter woollies.

    • Which currency and credit cards are accepted in Dublin?

      Currency: The local currency in Dublin is EURO / €.

      Credit Cards: All major credit cards are accepted in Dublin. Many smaller establishments may only accept Visa and Mastercard and not AMEX.

      ATMS: ATMS are generally safe and simple to use and found easily. Please note that most ATMs charge a small commission charge per withdrawal.

    • I am interested in being a sponsor partner of this event, how can I be involved?

      Contact SITE's Head of Sponsorship, Samantha Nicastro

    • How do I register for tours?

      Click here for more information about tours available.

  • Our City Centre Hotels

    With a multi-national population of almost two million, Dublin is a bustling European city. However, the city somehow retains the hallmarks of your local village with its friendly demeanour, its compact size and its buildings on a human scale.

    SITE is partnering with some of Dublin’s iconic hotel, all located within walking distance of each other in the downtown area.

    You’ll find full details on rates and how to book below.

    Host Hotels

    • The Merrion Hotel

      Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


      The Merrion, located in the heart of Dublin city centre, is the capital’s most luxurious five star hotel, and a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

      The 142-bedroom and suite hotel is as welcoming as it is stylish. An impeccable restoration of four Georgian townhouses, The Merrion is a marriage of exquisite comfort, relaxed elegance and advanced guest facilities, including free Wi-Fi, an 18m pool, spa and gym.

      The Merrion is home to the 2-star Michelin Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, The Cellar Bar, The Garden Room, and the intimate No. 23 Cocktail Bar.


      How do I book my stay?

      In order to make a booking with The Merrion Hotel, please email and include reference SITE2022 in the subject line.

      27 - 30 January 2022 inclusive  


      €295 per Garden Wing Room Single Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      €320 per Garden Wing Room Double Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      • Non-refundable 1 night deposit taken per booking
      • Preferred Rates available for bookings made prior to 1st December subject to availability. Bookings made after this date will be subject to availability and at BAR rate on website
      • 45 Day Cancellation policy applies.
      • Cancellations received within 45 days will be liable for the total amount of the full stay
    • The Shelbourne Hotel

      27 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland


      ***SOLD OUT*** Celebrating almost 200 years of history, The Shelbourne is a timeless landmark located in the heart of Dublin. The hotel was magnificently renovated in 2007 and is now the largest, most luxurious 5 star hotel in the city.

      The Shelbourne offers a total of 265 guest rooms which are individually unique, while sharing a sense of charm, style and quality. As well as these magnificent bedrooms, the hotel offers 10 historic meeting rooms, many of which have their own character and style.

      Since opening in 1824, The Shelbourne has played a significant role in the literary, social, political, culinary and artistic traditions of Irish society. In 1922, the Irish constitution was drafted at The Shelbourne in the room now appropriately named the Constitution Suite which today is popular for fine dining and board meetings alike.

      The award winning Spa at the The Shelbourne offers 7 serene treatment rooms and the Health Club offers state of the range equipment along with an 18 meter swimming pool.

      The Shelbourne is still at the heart of Dublin life today, sparkling with style and sophistication, located on St. Stephen’s Green, the hotel is just a few minutes walk from Dublin’s most famous landmarks as well as the shopping and cultural areas of the city.


      25 - 31 January2022 inclusive  

      €240 per Deluxe King Room Single Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      €255 per Deluxe King Room Double Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      • Last Day to Book: Tuesday, December 28, 2021
      • Supplement charge of €30.00 per room for Double-Double Rooms (Two Beds. Subject to availability at the time of request)
      • Booking can be cancelled up to 48 hour prior to arrival without penalty

      How do I book my stay?

      ***SOLD OUT***

    • The Westbury Hotel

      Balfe Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


      A member of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World and Voted Number 1 Hotel in Ireland by Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards, The Westbury occupies a prime position in Dublin’s metropolitan heart. At its front doorstep lies Grafton Street, renowned for its colour, street artists and luxury shopping; whilst Dublin’s ‘Creative Quarter’, a vibrant network of streets filled with lively bars, restaurants and quirky stores runs behind the hotel, with the city’s top theatres, museums and art galleries all situated within a short walking distance.

      The epitome of understated luxury, 205 guest bedrooms, many enjoying panoramic views over the city, showcase the best of Irish and international design. Modern, edgy and sophisticated, the hotel’s restaurants, bars and meeting spaces present a unique business and social hub.

      Seven luxuriously appointed boardrooms are finished with fine contemporary artworks and equipped with the latest technology. The Grafton Suite, the hotel’s largest event space, can host up to 200 guests and features a state-of-the-art video wall, private cocktail bars and picturesque balconies overlooking some of Dublin’s vibrant city streets. The Gallery, the hotel’s design showpiece is home to one of Ireland’s foremost privately owned art collections and is a beautiful and unique setting in which to linger over The Westbury’s iconic Afternoon Tea.

      Wilde restaurant creates a unique destination that is both relaxing and luxurious. The central design ethos fuses 1930s elegance with an abundance of greenery, giving guests the sense of alfresco dining. Wilde's menus celebrate the finest Irish produce, combining much-loved local dishes with classic cuisine from around the world.

      The Sidecar is a stylish, elegant and modern take on a 30’s cocktail bar. Art Deco in style, with Martinis being the signature drink for the space served from a unique tableside martini trolley.

      Located on Balfe Street, where Grafton Street and the Creative Quarter meet, Balfes is a vibrant all-day Bar and Brasserie combining the energy of a New York eatery and the relaxed elegance of a Parisian brasserie.


      How do I book my stay?

      Select BOOK A ROOM and enter your requirements

      Select HAVE A CODE?  

      Select Group Code and enter code SITE250122 as prompted to secure the SITE GC Dublin guest rate.


      27 - 30 January 2022 inclusive  

      €290 per Room Single Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      €310 per Room Double Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      • 24 hour Cancellation terms
      • Preferred Rates available for bookings made prior to 30 Novembe

    Partner Hotels

    • The Westin Hotel

      College Green, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


      The Westin Dublin is a 5 star luxury hotel occupying one of the best locations in Dublin city centre, overlooking Trinity College. Offering a warm ambience of Irish hospitality with an international level of service and amenities, the hotel is within strolling distance to the heart of corporate Ireland, the International Financial Services Centre and Dublin Convention Centre.


      How do I book my stay?

      Book your group rate for SITE Global Conference


      27 - 30 January 2022 inclusive  

      €290 per Room Single Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      €310 per Room Double Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      • Cancellation can be made up to 48 hours prior to arrival
      • All unbooked rooms will be released by the 27 December 2021
    • The Alex Hotel

      41-47 Fenian St, Dublin 2, D02 H678, Ireland


      The Alex boasts an unrivalled location in the city, in the heart of Georgian Dublin and on the doorstep of Merrion Square, the National Gallery and Trinity College. A stone’s throw away from the bustling shopping streets (such as Grafton Street) and the European technical hub, The Alex is the perfect place to bring your incentive to, it is a recently renovated sophisticated hotel packed full of stunning design and clever features. Our meeting facilities make The Alex a stylish choice for incentives and events of all sizes (up to 400 delegates) while our unique and well-serviced work hub featuring Dublin’s fastest WiFi (1Gb) offers a comfortable space for you to catch up on some work over a delicious coffee from our café. Our guests can also enjoy access to a 24-hour gym, dine in the stunning Carriage restaurant featuring delicious dishes and a varied cocktail menu and experience a perfect night’s sleep in our designer bedrooms. The Secret Garden is Dublin’s trendiest outdoor Dining option, a new addition to The Alex Hotel, the outside terrace and bar is the perfect space to have an exclusive team get together.


      How do I book my stay?

      Please use this link to book your stay at The Alex Hotel

      25 - 31 January 2022 inclusive  


      €199 per Classic Room Single Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      €214 per Classic Room Double occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      • Rate for Suites available on request
      • Pre and Post-event extended stays are welcome and will be offered the SITE GC Dublin 2022 rate depending on availability at the time of request
    • The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

      Golden Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland


      The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is a four star hotel located just minutes from Grafton Street, St. Stephen’s Green and the Restaurant Quarter of Dublin. We are ideally located for guests looking to enjoy the best of what our great city has to offer. Our hotel bedrooms are incredibly spacious, ranging in size from 28sqm - 30 sqm. In 2019 we underwent a refurbishment programme which is now complete, offering a new eight-storey extension including an additional 84 spacious new bedrooms. The refurbishment included the entire ground floor, including the lobby area and both the restaurant and bar. The newly opened Chancery Grill restaurant and the Dyflin Bar have had a lavish refit with the addition of a new Asador grill to the restaurant. New Velvære Spa comprises of three floors offering six treatment rooms and a dedicated medi-area. The Spa has a relaxation area and thermal suite with a hydrotherapy pool, sauna and steam room. A new on-site gym is also available on a complimentary basis to guests.

      Coming in late October 2022 - The Dublin Royal Convention Centre which will cater for up to 800 delegates Theatre style and 540 delegates Banquet style.

      Guests can rest easy, knowing their health and safety is one of our top priorities. The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin City, was one of the first hotels to be certified with the new Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol developed in partnership with the world’s leading certification company SGS.


      How do I book my stay?

      Please send an email with your requirements to Shane Fitzgerald quoting SITE GC Dublin 2022 to Email:


      27 - 30 January 2022 inclusive  

      €195 per Standard Room Single Occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      €205  per Standard room Double occupancy including Breakfast and Taxes

      • Rate for Suites available on request
      • Pre and Post event extended stays are welcome and will be offered the SITE GC Dublin 2022 rate depending on availability at the time of request.
    • The Conrad Hotel

      Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, Ireland


      The Conrad Dublin is heavily inspired and influenced by Dublin’s rich literary culture and local heritage. The hotel stands opposite the gardens of St Stephen's Green and overlooking the majestic National Concert Hall. Amidst the cobbled streets, hidden nooks and winding walkways; it's the perfect location to explore this truly exceptional city. This luxury Dublin hotel embraces contemporary Dublin with an authentic, yet effortlessly stylish twist. Join us on a voyage of discovery at Lemuel’s, relax and enjoy a tasty meal in our new restaurant The Terrace Kitchen & Social House or take a seat in the stylish surroundings of The Coburg and experience a true brasserie.

      Each of our guest rooms and suites exude a sophisticated luxury, with super-fast, reliable WiFi, iHome docking stations and a generous mini-bar to bring you home from home comforts. If business brings you to Dublin, there's no better place in the city to make the most of your time efficiently. Conrad Dublin has 10 meeting rooms in total, the largest space is the Conrad Ballroom can seat 350 delegates theatre style and we also have 6 breakout meeting rooms in varying sizes in addition to our main plenary room, including our new exclusive Iveagh Suite which is designed for Board Meetings for up to 24 and Private Dining.

      The hotel's fitness centre is equipped with cardio machines and weights, and the jogging routes around the picturesque St Stephen's Green are also yours to be enjoyed.


      How do I book my stay?

      Follow this link to book your accommodation.


      Thursday, 27th – Monday, 31st January, 2022

      €280.00 per room, per night single occupancy and €300.00 per room, per night double occupancy, please note rates are inclusive of breakfast and VAT  .

    Other Recommended Hotels in Dublin

    Hard Rock Hotel

    18 Exchange Street Upper, Dublin, D08 AV24



    The Gibson Hotel

    Point Square, Dublin1



    The Mayson

    1/82 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, D01 Xr83



    The Marker Hotel

    Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2, D02 CK38



    The Spencer Hotel

    Excise Walk, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01 X4C9


    Airline Partners

    Aer Lingus, United Airlines and Air Canada are our partner airlines and will be offering preferred rates for SITE Global Conference attendees - more details in the registration process.

  • Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors

    Our industry has a compelling story and so does your organization; SITE can serve as your partner in telling your story and achieving your sales and marketing goals. 

    Contact our Head of Business Development, Samantha Nicastro, to access our Global Conference Prospectus and learn more about available opportunities to achieve your marketing goals in 2022 and beyond.

    Sam Nicastro Headshot

    Contact Details

    Samantha Nicastro

    Head of Business Development

    SITE Global


    Telephone: +1 516 467 6982

    Host sponsor

    fi logo
  • Arriving into Ireland early?

    Our friends & partner, Meet in Ireland, have shared this list of recommendations and discounts - go exploring!

    Pre-Conference Tours

    On Thursday 27 January from 12:45 to 17:30 and again on Friday 28 January from 08:15 – 13:00, our destination hosts have created 3 wonderful “discover Dublin” opportunities for us.

    Eschewing the tired, the tried and the tested, these tours have a “live-like-a-local” feel to them and are offered for a flat fee of EUR€20 which will be donated to a local social enterprise initiative.

    Sign up via the registration platform and dare to discover a brand new face of Dublin


    The Boat to Howth

    Hop onboard the SITE Boat and dock at the coastal fishing village of Howth. When you arrive there you will visit a traditional Irish Pub and learn about Irish Music, how to make Irish Coffees & enjoy a delicious seafood platter. Please note, boat is subject to change due to poor weather.

    • Thursday 27th January


      Check In


      Depart Hotels


      Board the SITE Boat


      Boat departs


      Arrive at Howth


      Arrive at The Abbey Tavern

      • Irish Music Demo
      • Irish Coffee Demo
      • Seafood Platter


      Depart Abbey Tavern


      Return to Hotels

    • Friday 28th January


      Check In


      Depart Hotels


      Board the SITE Boat


      Boat Departs


      Arrive at Howth


      Arrive at the Abbey Tavern

      • Irish Music Demo
      • Irish Coffee Demo
      • Seafood Platter


      Depart Abbey Tavern


      Return to Hotels


    Farm to Fork on an Urban Farm

    The farm at Airfield is a perfect working example of environmentally sustainable agriculture in Ireland. Learn about how the farm is operated, spending time with the specialists on site and discover more about sustainable agriculture. Using ingredients sourced on the farm, you will also have your very own Irish Baking Demo.

    • Thursday 27th January


      Check In


      Depart Dublin City


      Arrive at Airfield


      Depart Airfield


      Return to Hotels

    • Friday 28th January


      Check In


      Depart Dublin City


      Arrive at Airfield


      Depart Airfield


      Return to Hotels

    book of kells

    Find The Book of Kells – iPad Scavenger Hunt

    HELP!! The Book of Kells has been stolen by a mysterious burglar, and we need your help to track it down by solving clues around Dublin City. If you successfully solve all the clues, a Book Of Kells specialist will show you in person the interesting elements of The Book.

    • Thursday 27th January


      Check In


      Depart Hotels


      Meet with Officer Oddie


      Scavenger Hunt Starts


      Scavenger Hunt Ends


      Book of Kells Specialist Talks about the Book


      Winners of the Scavenger Hunt Announced


      Return to Hotels

    • Friday 28th January


      Check In


      Depart Hotels


      Meet with Officer Oddie


      Scavenger Hunt Starts


      Scavenger Hunt Ends


      Book of Kells Specialist Talks about the Book


      Winners of the Scavenger Hunt Announced


      Return to Hotels

  • Education at SITE Global Conference

    SITE’s mission is to advance the business case for incentive travel & motivational experiences through global connections, education and advocacy.

    Thus education is very much a cornerstone of who we are and global conference is our annual opportunity to access quality speakers and sessions.

    Over the next number of weeks, we’ll add details of the speakers and sessions that’ll guide our learning in Dublin. Bookmark this page and dare to open yourself to new ways of being, doing and thinking.

    View featured speaker biographies here.

    Keynote speakers

    Princess Sarah

    Raised in West Virginia by her adoptive parents, Sarah Culberson had little knowledge of her ancestry. Imagine discovering she was related to African Royalty and be enthralled as she shares her journey of humanitarian work globally and locally.

    Gregory Offner

    You may have seen Greg share his passion for performance at our 2021 Digital event. Prepare yourself for a romp through disruption, creativity, new parenthood and lessons you can use to build your personal and professional success.


    Cosimo Bruzzese

    Colleen Brzozowski

    Hospitality Sales Professional

    Over 25+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Her positions have included on-property as well as Global Sales positions for Hotel companies as well as Representation Firms and National Sales for a DMC organization. She values engagement in industry associations and has held several key leadership positions including the International Board of Directors for SITE (Society for Incentiv...

    Kristal Lee Cardone

    Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Director, Reward & Recognition Events

    An event industry professional for over 20 years, Kristal currently leads an extraordinarily talented team that primarily focuses on global sales incentive events for Liberty Mutual Insurance. Kristal earned her master’s in education from the Temple University’s School of Hospitality Management and spent the early portion of her career managing higher education events for Temple and then the ...

    Benoit Sauvage

    Hospitality Sustainability Revolution


    Founder and CEO of Connect DMC and Hospitality Sustainability Revolution, a leading consulting company for Hospitality stakeholders worldwide. Ben brings 25 years of experience in delivering high end and complex services as a destination expert to worldwide clients and has a passion for creativity, attention to details and sustainable practices. ...

    Karen Devine

    3D Cruise Partners

    CEO / Founder

    With almost 40 years in the travel industry, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge with a combined buyer and supplier experience After 10 years working for incentive travel companies, Karen worked in the Worldwide Sales Office for Four Seasons/Regent Hotels Resorts, then joined Rosewood hotels and Resorts as Regional Director of Sales representing the entire collection of luxury hotels and resor...

    Mario Enzesberg

    Liberty International Tourism Group

    Founder, President & CEO

    Caitlin Harris

    Roger Haskett

    Kirstin Huston

    Director, Experience and Engagement

    The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

    Director, Experience and Engagement at Penn Mutual, Kristin has taken her holistic experience of the hospitality industry to develop unique client experiences that generate powerful connections, deep brand loyalty and significant growth across multiple markets. Kristin truly believes in the power of relationships and the warm, genuine culture of Penn Mutual. ...

    Catherine Jones

    The Edventives Group

    CEO and Founder

    A seasoned incentive travel professional with over 20 years’ experience in the incentive industry and holds designations as a Certified Incentive Travel Executive, Certified Meeting Professional as well as a Certified Meeting Manager. In 2003, Catherine founded The Edventives Group to provide customized, turnkey meetings, incentives and travel programs for clients requiring highly customized ...

    Tracy Judge

    Founder & CEO


    An entrepreneur, marketer & thought leader in the hospitality and event industries. She is the Founder & CEO of Soundings, a talent platform for professionals with a people-first ethos seeking synergistic work partnerships. Soundings provides agile talent solutions for business events, associations and nonprofits, and hotels and tourism. ...

    Anthony Kelly

    Brigitte Lundrigan

    Loews Hotels

    National Sales Director- Southwest

    Jennifer Shafer and Brigitte Lundrigan - together have over 30 years of Site membership. Both have many years of SoCal Board experience - Brigitte is a pasts president and Jennifer has remains on the board as a non-voting advisor. Jennifer and Brigitte have created the SCCAC - Site Southern California Advisory Council are both known for creating memorable events for their customers and hoteli...

    Marjorie Edith McCartney

    DMC Network

    Director of Global Sales

    A native New Yorker, Margie has called Chicago home for the past 32 years. She is presently the Dir. of Global Sales for the DMC Network. Margie has spent close to the last 40 years as an international hospitality ambassador, connecting people from different backgrounds and building networks on three continents. She will share stories of personal and professional connections, whether with an ...

    Mary McDonald

    Annie Meehan

    AM Speaking and Consulting

    Professional Speaker

    With an enthusiastic delivery guaranteed to inspire, enlighten and energize, Annie Meehan mesmerizes audiences with a clear message that spurs listeners to break counterproductive patterns. As a widely embraced international speaker, she has helped legions transform themselves from a life of ‘muddling along’ to one of sustained focus that showcases success after success. As an expert on livin...

    Helen Moon


    Chief Wellbeing Officer

    In 2017 she founded the event industry’s mental health and wellbeing charitable organisation and social enterprise EventWell, providing essential outreach education and support for professionals in events and creative industries.

    Eda Özden

    Managing Director

    MEP Destination Business Solutions

    Eda spent her younger years exposed to a world without borders. Her professional outlook was shaped by her education from US & UK universities and work experiences in the Americas, Asia and Europe. With a deep passion for her country of origin Turkey, a profound focus on quality of content and training in digital transformations, she is now the Managing Director of MEP, a leading DMC of T...

    Marina Parra-Flechsig

    Managing Director / Owner

    Weichlein Tours + Incentives

    Marina is an experienced Incentives and Meetings professional, providing exceptional DMC services in Germany for almost 20 years. Marina comes from Dominican Republic and has worked for different hotel chains and DMCs in her 30 years of career. She is strongly engaged in SITE as President of the Germany Chapter since 2015 and is member of other international associations in the MICE industry....

    Anne Marie Rogers

    Andrew Rudd


    Owner and Executive Chef

    For more than 20 years he has travelled the world, learning about flavour combinations, and building up his catalogue of genuine local recipes. Andrew draws on international influences to create new and exciting dishes that transport the diner to exotic lands, near and far. He published his first cookbook of original recipes, Entertaining With Andrew Rudd, in 2015 and is currently working on ...

    Shawn M Sawyer

    Cacique International Ltd.

    President & Creative Director

    Shawn M. Sawyer is President Creative Director of Cacique International Ltd, a MICE market trailblazer that continues to redefine “extraordinary experiences” for over 25 years Beginning with The Bahamas’ first DMC, Shawn’s relentless quest for the best includes Event Design and Management, Weddings, and most recently Events Design At Sea, where the power of Cacique meets t...

    Jennifer Shafer

    Associated Luxury Hotels International

    Director of Global Sales & Business Developement

    Jennifer Shafer and Brigitte Lundrigan - together have over 30 years of Site membership. Both have many years of SoCal Board experience - Brigitte is a pasts president and Jennifer has remains on the board as a non-voting advisor. Jennifer and Brigitte have created the SCCAC - Site Southern California Advisory Council are both known for creating memorable events for their customers and hoteli...

    Jerome Wade

    Chief Epic Officer

    EPIC Global

    Author, international speaker, and an advisor to business leaders and sales professionals. With more than 30 years of C-Suite experience, Jerome masterfully guides clients and audiences through their biggest challenges to achieve their greatest dreams. Jerome’s innovative, content-rich solutions, deliver breakthrough strategies that drive immediate and lasting results. ...

    James Wallman

    World Experience Organization


    Founder / CEO of the World Experience Organization, which is like the World Economic Forum for the experience industries, from UX, CX and EX, to AR, VR, immersive, travel, hospitality, and wellbeing.

    Kelly Whitney

    Account Executive

    Maritz Global Events

    In her current role as account executive, Kelly calls upon her vast travel experience and destination knowledge to plan extraordinary and well-executed meeting and incentive programs for her clients. Most of Kelly’s major account management experience has been with clients who have been Fortune 500 companies. ...

    Kristin Trahan Winford

    Organizational Architect

    An Organizational Architect with more than 25 years of leadership experience. Kristin facilitates performance improvement in financial, management and technology-related areas, having extensive experience with global technology and professional services firms. She has a proven track record of leading award-winning organizations to realize strategic business objectives, assess strategic altern...

    Nick Woodward-Shaw

    Vice President, Communications

    Forever Living Products International

    Forever Living is a privately-owned, global direct selling company with a head office in Arizona, USA. The objective of the organization is to make people look better and feel better with several million business owners sharing their aloe vera based nutritional products and home-based business opportunity.

    27 Jan, 2022 - 31 Jan, 2022

    Timezone: GMT

    The Convention Centre Dublin, Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay, North Wall Dublin 1 IE,

    Register here

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