In 2023 we will…

If you’re anything like the SITE team, then a new year means you’re brimming with fresh ideas, new goals, and exciting plans ahead for what to work toward over the next 12 months.

We asked a handful of SITE team members to share their personal New Year’s resolution, with the responses we received just as varied as the group itself. Here’s just some of what we hope to accomplish throughout 2023.

“First, I want to volunteer for an anti-trafficking charity. Second is to pace myself better; think “marathon” versus “sprint.”

Annette Gregg, CEO

“OK, I’m admitting it. I have a slight (?) superiority complex. I’m often convinced there’s nobody better than me at doing certain things. This complex has afflicted me for decades. But no more. I’m about to become the best delegator in the world. There will be nobody better than me at passing off tasks. Be afraid, team. Be very afraid!”

Padraic Gilligan, Chief Marketing Officer

“I’m looking forward to meeting more face-to-face with industry clients and colleagues. Whether that’s attending SITE chapter events, global events or industry events, it is incredibly beneficial to meet with clients in-person and getting to know them both personally and professionally.”

Samantha Nicastro, Head of Business Development

“First, I want to watch one TED Talk a week. I look forward to learning something new with each one and to personally expanding into topics I might not otherwise seek out myself. Hopefully it’ll also open me up to something I don’t know about that I might be able to apply to my work/daily life! Second, I also want to do a better job of digital filing. Third is to get a new professional headshot. Finally, I’m also resolving to send one personal thank you note a month — I’m talking snail mail!”

Jacqueline Acomb, Director of Events

“My resolution is to set monthly goals so I can make realistic ones and feel a sense of achievement on a regular basis! This month, I’ve made myself a running plan with the aim of running a half-marathon at the end of the month and I’ve challenged myself to do 30 days of sauna & cold-water immersion in tandem for recovery. Running helps me declutter my mind and approach projects with a bounce in my step.”

Aoife McCrum, Director of Digital & Social Media Marketing

“Let’s see if I can continue my autumn 2022 travel streak! I hope to attend more in-person events — industry ones and industry-adjacent picks I’m already eyeing — to stay curious, meet, and learn from other fascinatingly kind people. Whether I’m there to listen and learn, make new connections, or maybe even share my thoughts on a panel or other public forum (something I loved getting a taster of in 2022, with pursuing more speaking opportunities as a second mini resolution of sorts), I’m excited for exposure to even more new ideas in 2023.” 

Sydney Nolan, Marketing & Communications

“Did you know there is a certification for people who work in certifications? (Also yes – it is that kind of meta…) My professional development goal for 2023 is that I’ll be working as a volunteer exam writer for my professional association! So won’t be asking SITE members to do anything in 2023 that I (literally) won’t be doing myself.”

Liz Dombrowski, Certification Manager

Written by

SITE Staff


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