Meliá Hotels International has launched an initiative called "Road to Net Zero Events," aiming to measure, reduce, and offset the carbon footprint of events held at their properties.  

This project is part of Meliá's broader sustainability strategy to achieve carbon neutrality and respond to the increasing demand for environmentally responsible events, a program program which is significant in the incentive market due to the growing demand for sustainable practices within the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) sector. 

The initiative focuses on three main aspects: measuring, reducing, and offsetting the carbon footprint of event:  

Measurement Technology

Meliá has collaborated with Creast to develop advanced technology that calculates the carbon footprint at both the quotation stage and the end of the event. This technology, integrated into the hotel management systems, provides detailed measurements of carbon emissions from accommodation, meeting rooms, and food and beverage consumption. This level of detail is unique in the hotel industry and allows event organizers to make informed decisions about reducing their environmental impact. 

Responsible Decision-Making

By offering detailed carbon footprint data, Meliá empowers event organizers to choose more sustainable options. The company has achieved 100% green energy consumption at all its European hotels and implements various initiatives to manage waste and water usage, further supporting its sustainability goals. 

Carbon Offsetting

Meliá is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of all events under this initiative. They offer options for customers to offset their emissions through projects certified by the United Nations, ensuring transparency and traceability using blockchain technology. 

Initially, the "Road to Net Zero Events" initiative is available at a dozen Meliá hotels in Europe and the Caribbean.  The program aims to expand to include all Meliá properties, particularly those with significant MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) segments, over the coming months. 

This initiative underscores Meliá’s leadership in sustainability within the hospitality industry, reflecting its commitment to creating environmentally responsible and inspiring events.