Three Reasons to Get Your CIS at IMEX Frankfurt

Registration is open now to earn your Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) designation — with SITE’s next in-person CIS training taking place May 21-22, 2023 just before IMEX Frankfurt.

If you’re new(er) to the exciting world of incentive travel, here are three reasons to consider kicking off your time in Frankfurt by earning your CIS.

Reason #1: Build skills via a new credential

CIS is widely recognized across the MICE world as the signifier of someone who has invested time and talent in growing their knowledge about incentive travel to stand out within the MICE industry.

With incentive travel a specialist niche within business events, becoming a truly talented incentive expert requires not just understanding the nuances of how to build a standout travel experience; you also need to know how to motivate top performers and create better business results.

CIS workshop content covers all of this, with modules on incentive program design, what motivates people and drives performance, and the positive impact of incentive travel on businesses’ bottom lines.

By the time you complete your CIS in Frankfurt, you should feel confident in your newfound knowledge and leave equipped with insights that will help you explore exciting new motivational opportunities within your own team and for your company. 

Reason #2: Find instant community

CIS at IMEX Frankfurt is structured as a two-day workshop, where you’ll join other emerging incentive travel professionals who are also looking to gain knowledge and skills that will help them progress their careers more quickly.

For non-SITE members, you also have the option to register for CIS and take advantage of a combined training & membership bundle. For $895 USD, you’ll be able to access the Frankfurt workshop and enjoy a one-year SITE membership.

That means you’ll not only start off your IMEX Frankfurt experience by getting to know new friends and colleagues who share similar goals; you’ll also get to continue growing these relationships through the many other events and opportunities SITE offers incentive professionals throughout the year. 

Regardless of whether you’re already a member of SITE or not, taking part in this year’s IMEX Frankfurt CIS training means you’ll find a group of likeminded peers with relatable experiences, ready to trade stories and expertise. You’ll get to learn just as much from one another as you do the course instructor.

Reason #3: Connect in with top incentive leaders

And speaking of instructors: this year’s IMEX Frankfurt CIS workshop will be led by Michael Dalton, a widely renowned incentive expert.

Michael serves on the SITE International Board of Directors and will come ready to share how his own CIS experience helped him build a career that spans a variety of roles, up to his success now as a business owner.

This is a prime opportunity to learn firsthand from a respected industry leader, and to tap other connections Michael is eager to offer.

So whether you’re looking for credentialing, community, top industry connections — or all three! — earning your CIS designation at IMEX offers clear advantages no matter your background.

If you’re eager to learn industry best practices and achieve a higher level of incentive education, then CIS is for you.

Registration for CIS at IMEX Frankfurt 2023

Now open! Cost is $695 USD for current SITE members and $895 USD for non-members.

Written by

SITE Staff


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