As SITE recently reported, younger employees are passionate about making a difference—and they expect the same from their incentive travel rewards. 

To truly reward and inspire this generation of top performers, incentives must leave employees feeling positive about their impact on the world. 


This winter, Destination Canada aimed to showcase just that, inviting qualified incentive agencies for an exclusive experience at Incentive Canada in Banff and Lake Louise. 


Immersed in Alberta’s stunning natural landscapes, our select clients experienced these world-class destinations just as incentive winners do, at our most sustainable event yet. Here’s how. 

Focusing on the environment in the heart of nature 

A protected wilderness of 6,641 square kilometres, Banff National Park offers a serene haven for elk, mountain goats and grizzly bears—and elite performers seeking peace and productivity. 


The snowcapped mountains and glittering frozen lakes of Banff and Lake Louise set the perfect scene for one-of-a-kind experiences that cherished the environment. 


At Incentive Canada 2024, we placed sustainability at the heart of our program design and all our activities, to minimize our carbon footprint and climate impact. 


For example, attendees enjoyed delicious meals of local ingredients served family style to reduce waste, and walked or travelled together to venues to reduce carbon emissions. 


We also empowered guests to contribute directly to the event’s sustainability, offering education and ideas on the event website, app, hotel television presentations and newsletters.  


Inspiring top performers with cultural experiences 

Incorporating socio-cultural sustainability into your incentive programs gives elite employees an authentic, meaningful experience, creating an inspiring human connection. 

At Incentive Canada 2024, Warrior Women educator, musician and artist Matricia Bauer— of Sturgeon Lake Cree First Nation—shared her Indigenous culture with attendees. 

Bauer and our guests discussed the role of local flora in Indigenous medicine and shared tea made from local plants. 

“The beauty of the tea experience is that you just look outside and see the medicine in our flora that already exists,” said Bauer. 

“It was so new and different to everyone. It’s really all about appreciating and experiencing the land. Everyone was so positive and engaged in the experience.” 


Leading excellence in sustainability 


Destination Canada Business Events’ Sustainability Plan aims to elevate the sustainability of business events, including incentive group events, across Canada. 


Incentive Canada 2024 was Destination Canada’s second sustainably planned and executed event, and fourth sustainable signature event. 


By aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals, we supported health, wellbeing, sustainable communities and responsible consumption. We also offset all carbon emissions. 


Ultimately, guests enjoyed a deeply rewarding experience of breathtaking landscapes, unique adventures and cultural connections—and made a real difference to people, planet and place. 


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