Snapshot on: IT&ME

Incentive Travel & Motivational Events (IT&ME) report, published July 2024

This Snapshot Report is brought to you by SITE

Quick as a flash, SITE is proud to unveil a new snapshot report to share out and reflect back what’s top of mind for today’s incentive travel and motivational event architects, working directly in companies and corporations. 

This research reflects the experienced attitudes and opinions of nearly 100 global corporate event organizers, collectively responsible for delivering hundreds of events each year and managing millions of dollars in annual budgets. 

As SITE continues to grow its network of incentive travel end-users, and with strategic partners like Hilton continuously working to offer elevated experiences for their event clients, understanding the corporate planner landscape is a crucial part of unlocking business success. 

We invite you to dive in, explore our findings, and deliberate the questions they raise with your team — before letting us know what in the world you want SITE and its supporters to capture next!