The Power of Connection: Global Conference from a New Perspective

For me, starting a new job is exciting and scary at the same time. There’s so much to learn and dig into, and so much uncertainty with to focus on first, who to reach out to, and where to find answers. With time, it all seems to come together but the initial few weeks are intense.

In our remote/hybrid work world, there’s an additional complexity in creating relationships. That’s why I’m so excited for our SITE Global Conference February 17-20 in New York City, where SITE was founded 50 years ago. 

800 of us will come together — generations of SITE members and incentive industry professionals — to celebrate our community and industry. We’ll hear stories of how our global members have advocated for the power of incentive travel, create unforgettable experiences, and even start companies with together. 

Being in a room with hundreds of incentive industry professionals is energizing and inspiring, and reminds me why I’ve stayed so passionate about our industry: we are better together. We connect, celebrate and support each other with ideas, handshakes and hugs.

As a longtime educator and speaker, I love learning and can’t wait to attend some of our conference sessions. Our educational programming will help us all upskill for the incentives of tomorrow, and enrich our personal career development. I’m excited to participate in discussions about the future with our engaged community. How can we attract the next generation to our industry? How can we build programs that are experiential, relevant and unique? How can we honor the environment and cultures where our programs are held? How can we build teams and events that are inclusive and where everyone feels welcomed? Let’s discuss these issues together at Global Conference!

Like most of you, our professions involve the support of our families and mine has been no exception. Not only has my husband been a supportive partner, but my 22-year-old son joined the business events industry after graduating from college this year. They’ll both be joining me at Global Conference and I’m excited for them to meet our members and experience our exceptional industry.

If you still need a reason to attend, come just so I can thank you. Your work matters. You bring people together in a world that can be disconnected and isolating. You create programs that celebrate human achievement. As our vision statement says, we “build and bridge cultures through the transformative power of incentive travel & motivational experiences.”

That’s a pretty good day at work. Let’s celebrate together in New York City!

Written by

Annette Gregg

Annette Gregg


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