Master Motivator Award

Jane E. Schuldt Master Motivator Award

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Jane E. Schuldt Master Motivator Award

Michael Freedman, Vice President of Amstar DMC, was honored with the Jane E. Schuldt Society for Incentive Travel Executives (SITE) Master Motivator Award at the 2023 IMEX Gala Dinner in Frankfurt, Germany.

Known for his generosity, reliability and big heartedness — and for normally studiously eschewing the limelight — Michael is a business supremo, an incentive travel maestro and, most importantly, a human being par excellence.

Michael has been an extraordinary ambassador for incentive travel and for the DMC sector in particular, as well as an unstinting supporter of SITE and SITE Foundation. Born on the west coast of the USA, Michael circled around the hospitality and agency sectors for a number of years before finally landing at Amstar, where he’s been for almost 15 years. During that time, the company has grown manifold to become a go-to solution across the many destinations they serve, picking up two SITE Crystal Awards at SITE’s recent global conference in New York City.

Congratulations, Michael! 

The Jane E. Schuldt Master Motivator Award is presented annually to a SITE member who upholds the highest standard of excellence in creating and delivering successful incentive travel and motivational events and exudes energy, enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit in support of the global incentive travel community. The award is in honor of the late Jane E. Schuldt, past president of both SITE and the SITE Foundation.

Master Motivator Nomination Criteria


  • The candidate embodies all that is good about the motivational events industry and is an advocate for our profession.
  • The candidate's activities demonstrate a collaborative spirit.
  • She or he has raised awareness for a cause, worked on government/political projects, collaborated within the industry on research or key initiatives or served as an educator — all to put our industry in a better place.
  • The candidate must possess a minimum of five years professional experience and be seen as a leader for today.

Further Information:

  • Nominees are submitted by the SITE International Board of Directors to Annette Gregg, SITE CEO.  Final determination is made by the SITE President and SITE CEO.
  • The award winner is to remain in confidence until she or he is recognized at IMEX. Recipient must be in attendance at IMEX.
  • The recipient receives a plaque, and is recognized through a press release and announcement to the SITE global community.
  • This award is only given when there is a candidate that meets all criteria.

Past Winners

2022 - Paul Miller

(no IMEX Frankfurt event in 2020 or 2021)

2019 - Rhonda Brewer

2018 - Miek Egberts

2017 - Dr. Patrick Patridge

2016 - Carolyn Dow

2015 – Joost de Meyer

2014 – Sian Thomas

2013 – Fernando Compean

2012 – Fukuo “Lucky” Morimoto

2011 – Annamaria Ruffini 

2010 – Laurie Sprouse