Industry Grants

Got an idea for a new Incentive Travel-Related project?

Every year SITE Foundation allocates funds for a project(s) to be delivered in the following year.

The funds will be disbursed to one, or spread over multiple, grant applications, based on the individual merit of the applications received and evaluated by the assessment committee.


What projects does SITE Foundation typically provide grants for?

SITE Foundation, broadly, supports research, educational and advocacy projects that advance the business case for incentive travel.

These may include (but are not limited to) projects and initiatives involving: 

  • Critical research
  • Trend analysis
  • Educational programming that elevates the skills of incentive travel professionals – this could include hiring a professional speaker for an event
  • Access to SITE programs for those in financial need
  • Access to sales, marketing and promotional platforms outside of the business events industry that help drive, promote or present the business case for incentive travel
  • Marketing and communications campaigns that drive, promote or present the value and transformational impact of incentive travel
  • Initiatives at local, national, regional or global levels that advance the business case for incentive travel

Examples of initiatives / projects that have been supported in the past:

South African Market Research Study by SITE South Africa (2018)

A two-part study on the value, frequency, volume and economic impact of incentive travel within South and Southern Africa.

Chapter Summit in Warsaw by SITE Poland (2017)

A summit held in Poland for 3-4 European SITE Chapters.

Spring Caribbean Incentive Workshop by SITE Florida & Caribbean (2018)

Funding a high-profile speaker for a SITE Chapter event.

How do I apply?

For initiatives and projects delivered in 2025, applications must be submitted between May 28 and July 16, 2024.

Applications must be submitted on the official application form, which must be completed in full. 

While applications should broadly support SITE Foundation’s mission, a strict scoring protocol will be used to evaluate the merits of each application — this may be found on the application form. 

Industry grants are available to the business events / incentive travel industry at large, but favorable weighting will be given to applications from members of SITE or from SITE Chapters in the event that the number of applications exceeds the allocated budget. 

All projects and initiatives that receive grant support must acknowledge this at all times by including SITE Foundation branding on all collateral and communications.