Team Building Bonanza

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by Doug Wallace, Ignite Magazine

These unique group activities—many of them customizable—take your staff retreat, sales conference or online meeting to a whole new level.


Paint Cabin

Get those creative juices flowing at this Toronto paint bar and event space. Forty art stations are supported by an instructor, a full bar, food menu and private party rooms. Try your hand at
acrylic painting, woodcut printmaking, string art, watercolour or needle felting character creation. There’s also a glow-in-the-dark DJ party package. The staff is even willing to visit your event in-person within the GTA, and plans can be made for virtual paint parties, too.



Scenic Rush

If driving an exotic supercar on the beyond-scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway would appeal to your group, this five-hour corporate event is a real rush. Teams of two cover 120 kilometres, first heading north from Vancouver to Squamish, switching seats halfway there. Then, everyone ascends to the Summit Lodge on the Gondola for lunch and to drink in the gorgeous view, before driving back in a different high-performance car—Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Audis and more.



Blockbusters Remote

Capture your brand message with a movie trailer created by your staff. This is a two- to three-hour virtual team Zoom challenge, where participants first brainstorm their storylines, then produce short films, taking on the roles of writers, actors, editors and so forth. Scenes are captured on phones and uploaded to a server. Blockbusters champions inclusive gameplay—and may discover hidden talent.




Squid Game

Imagine the TV series Squid Game—but you get to hang on to your life. This one-hour team experience enters a world of secrecy, with challenges, puzzles and riddles that test your corporate might. Virtual Squid Game is played online, via Teamland, Zoom and other video platforms, by 20 to 200 people, who pit their wit, logic and communication skills against one another across six different games. This is team building at its sharpest—until only one person is left.


Drone Control

Available in more than 60 countries, Drone Control is a collaboration exercise where teams manoeuvre drones through eight obstacle courses. Rewarding agility and efficiency of movement, the challenges range in complexity, with everyone getting a chance to fly the drone. By choreographing their collective movement, teams improve their efficiency and shave seconds off their time, essentially rehearsing before the final showdown.


Secret Agent

Covert missions, double agents, top secret dossiers—the Agent 777 GoldenApp experience deliverts to to three hours of secret-agent intrigue. Co-workers or conference participants enjoy a tailor-made mission that hones cooperation and communication through high-tech mobile- adventure software. Teams try to beat the clock, accepting mission directives and enduring in-field challenges. A facilitator supplies real-time in-app alerts and coded messages. Tuxedos optional!


Cake Boss
Groups large and small can take part in this two- to three-hour culinary workshop. It all begins with opening ceremonies, after which teams compete in challenges, source supplies from the bake shop and create their one-of-a- kind themed cake in their own bakery, with supplies provided. A cake presentation and judging follow. It’s all good, creative fun and well-worth the calories.


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SITE Staff


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