Reaching new heights in sustainability

Over 500 incentive industry professionals gathered at SITE Global Conference in Dublin this April for an outstanding event. Thirteen Chapters were recognized during the event’s opening Annual General Meeting for achieving their SITE Sustainability Certification.

Congratulations to all for their commitment and dedication to making a positive impact to protect our planet:

  • SITE Africa
  • SITE Australia & New Zealand
  • SITE Chicago
  • SITE India
  • SITE Mexico
  • SITE Poland
  • SITE Scotland
  • SITE South America
  • SITE Southwest
  • SITE Southern California
  • SITE Spain
  • SITE Thailand
  • SITE Turkey

There are now 18 Chapters that have received this very important certification, with an aim for all 27 Chapters to be certified by 2023. The SITE Sustainability committee is available to mentor and support ambassadors who take on the role to achieve the certification. It’s exciting to see the SITE sustainability community grow and share knowledge and best practices around the globe!

New sustainability chapter leadership: SITE Canada feature  

SITE Canada has created its first sustainability committee. The Chapter has a strong and mighty committee of seasoned industry members (Mary Pepe, Lee Ann Marano, Gabby Spanton, Beverly Read, Ruth Gorriz, Liz Holtby, and Gisele Robert) who want to learn more and engage with the incentive industry at this very crucial movement. There is a page on the SITE Canada website with resources, articles and new initiatives.

In celebration of Earth Day in early April, SITE Canada launched an Earth Month campaign that featured a plant-based cookbook shared with members.

The objectives of the campaign included reducing greenhouse gas emissions through food choices and aligning with the Chapter’s SDG goals (#3, Good Health and Well-Being; #13, Climate Action; #12, Responsible Consumption & Production; and #15, Life on Land).

It has been an engaging campaign, that succeeded in generating many submissions and heightening awareness of the impact our food choices have. SITE Canada is now planning a webinar with a Canadian Sommelier specializing in organic wines to educate members on how to pair selections with meals.

On Earth Day, Mary Pepe, SITE Sustainability Co-Chair, and Liz Akey, SITE Canada Ambassador, spoke on a panel at the Sustainability Events Forum (TSEF) in Toronto. It was a wonderful collaboration of MICE professionals joining to share information and learn more about food waste and how we can curb this growing issue within our businesses and personal lives. It was excellent session with professionals across Canada and other SITE members in attendance, too.

Other SITE Earth Day Activities

Other celebrations and educational seminars took place in Dublin during SITE Global Conference for Earth Day. Friday was declared a “coach-lite” day, with many participants walking to the Convention Centre Dublin instead.

Benoit Sauvage, one of SITE’s board members, also conducted an insightful sustainability session.

Two offsite excursions were held during SITE Global Conference too, one at an organic farm and another lunch at an organic restaurant. Both excursions featured with presentations by organic farmers.

Further east, Ping Liu of SITE China organized the Chapter’s first Earth Day clean-up, with members gathering pinecones in a tree-lined park in Beijing. They learned from a naturalist that pinecones take nutrients and water from the trees and ground, so removing them allows for the trees to grow larger and more robust. 

Olga Walker of SITE Scotland (and a SITE Sustainability Committee member) compiled photos and videos of their Chapter’s campaign featuring members enjoying and exploring nature in their communities.

Future actions and activities

Let’s collectively keep making a #sustainable difference in our personal lives and in our incentive programs. Ask questions, share resources, have conversations, and learn from each other.  

Every action counts! We are #StrongerTogether, SITE!

We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”  Howard Zinn


Written by

Liz Akey, CMP

Liz Akey, CMP

Executive Director


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