5 cultural incentives to inspire a whole new generation

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As a new generation joins the workforce, incentive travel must evolve to match their reward expectations—and meaningful cultural experiences may hold the key.  

Research via the Incentive Research Foundation shows early-career workers are more attracted to group reward travel, cultural experiences connected to place, and learning opportunities. 

Building incentive travel programs around cultural experiences offers a unique way to attract and retain younger top performers, giving them authentic rewards they will never forget. 

As a taster, here are five cultural incentives available across Canada. 


Sugar Shack, Québec

In Québec, top performers find themselves in a world where French comes first and they are immersed in the language, its culture and the survival of early French-Canadian practices. 

The traditional forest sugar shack—or cabane au sucre—showcases a centuries-old method of making maple syrup, surrounded by trees festooned with pails, collecting sweet maple sap. 

In spring, maple vapour fills the air, as “sugaring off” turns sap into syrup, and your top performers enjoy a hearty feast of split pea soup, carved ham and frozen maple taffy. 

Wendake Longhouse, Québec

Authentic Indigenous knowledge, culture and traditions await top performers in Wendake, home of the Huron-Wendat Nation.  

In an Iroquoian longhouse of wood and bark, the team is warmed by three fires as a storyteller shares the traditional myths and legends that formed Hurat-Wendat culture. 

Hands-on activities offer learning and growth opportunities—crafting talking sticks, canoeing or snowshoeing—followed by delicious Indigenous-inspired cuisine. 


Aurora Village, Northwest Territories

On the Ingraham Trail near Yellowknife, this Indigenous-owned organization transports top performers to the wilderness beneath the amazing Northern Lights

By day, the team braves the wintry chill in the great outdoors, dog sledding or snowshoeing across deep snow and through pristine forests. 

By night, elite performers get comfortable in heated outdoor seats, marvel as the astounding aurora borealis dances across the sky—then warm up in traditional village teepees. 

Kitchen Party, Newfoundland and Labrador

A folk tradition rooted in Atlantic Canada, a Kitchen Party in St. John’s offers top performers a deep dive into maritime outport culture, music and cuisine. 

Once, guests gathered in neighbour’s homes—now gatherings are held anywhere, so long as there’s a communal table for the team to share a fresh ocean feast. 

After dinner, indie artists sing and dance, poets share tales from outport life and top performers get “screeched in” to become honourary Newfoundlanders. 


Lobster Boil-Up, Nova Scotia

An authentic Atlantic boil-up is on the menu at Lighthouse Point in Fox Harb’r Resort, as top performers gather round, welcomed by bagpipes, to a delicious lesson in lobster

This chef-led seminar teaches the team how to select and prepare their lobster—then get every morsel of mouthwatering meat out of the shell. 

After a fresh-off-the-boat lobster feast, top performers soak up the atmosphere, as high kicking Celtic dancers and a live band get spirits soaring. 

Interested in learning more about cultural incentives across Canada? Contact Jennifer Attersall, Acting Senior Director, Business Events, Destination Canada at or +1 403-923-5972. 


Written by

Jennifer Attersall

Jennifer Attersall

Acting Senior Director, Business Events


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