SITE Code of Ethics & Conduct

  • SITE Code of Ethics and Conduct

    SITE is the only global association exclusively dedicated to the incentive travel industry. The community of SITE incentive travel professionals brings best-in-class solutions, insights and global connections to maximize the business impact of motivational experiences regardless of industry, region or culture. Crucially, and most importantly, when they sign up as members of SITE, incentive travel professionals pledge to adhere to the SITE’s Creed and Code of Ethics.

    If, in your business dealings with another member of SITE, you believe there to be a clear breach of SITE’s Creed and Code of Ethics, you may file a complaint against this member by following the process outlined here.


    SITE, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, is the only global organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting the incentive travel industry. SITE cannot prosper without the practice of good ethics by its members.

    We Believe:

    • in treating others as we would like to be treated.
    • that we have a responsibility to act ethically to our customers, suppliers, business associates, and fellow SITE members, and this should take precedence over all other interests.
    • that the best interests of all are served when we pay fair wages and provide steady employment, education, and career opportunities for our employees.
    • in a policy of proper conduct with courtesy to all individuals with whom we deal, and in prompt and undisputedly excellent service to all our customers and business associates.
    • that there is an interaction between business policies and social responsibilities, and that all business policies should be aimed at the mutual satisfaction of all business associates.
    • in supporting good practices for the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030
    • it is important to nourish local communities, protect and enhance natural ecosystems, encourage meaningful connections with place, and contribute to resilient local economies.
    • that environmental sustainability is of utmost importance, and we commit to promoting sustainability as a vital practice to include in our incentives.
    • in the right of those with whom we deal to make a profit. Business profitability is not only a right, but an obligation to preserve the continuity of our business and the quality of our product and service.
    • in and encourage membership networking. SITE members are encouraged to give first right of refusal on equal terms of service, rates, and conditions to their SITE colleagues.

    We Expect:

    • all SITE members to represent their companies, products, and services honestly and proudly.
    • to deal honestly and fairly with each other, clients, providers of services, employees & employers past and present, and with the general public.
    • our members to strive continuously to improve our products and services to offer the best value possible.
    • our members and partners to embrace inclusion from multiple perspectives and diversity of thought and experiences.

    Code of Ethics

    1. Applicants for membership recognize the role of SITE in providing a platform for professionalism, education, and business opportunities. Applicants accept personally and, within the scope of their authority, on behalf of their companies, the responsibility to abide by and follow SITE policies and Code of Ethics.
    2. A member shall support the purpose and goals of SITE.
    3. Applicants for membership shall not:
      1. misrepresent their qualifications and experience in the incentive industry,
      2. claim to be in a discipline in which they do not belong at the time of application,
      3. seek unjustified references or otherwise mislead their sponsors.
    4. No member shall:
      1. solicit a proposal or seek terms, conditions, format, or ideas from another with the intent of taking unfair advantage of the information or with deliberate intent of using that information to manage their own program without the services of that company.
      2. take confidential information or creative ideas of their competition and/or current or former employer(s) and present them to customers as their own exclusive creation, nor send them to competitors of the provider for any reason.
      3. use a supplier’s complimentary services to visit a destination for an inspection without specific present or future interest to place business at that destination and with that supplier.
      4. solicit a proposal from a supplier without intent to consider the proposal fairly.
      5. purposely misinform or mislead, by act or omission, a supplier as to why a program proposal was rejected or why another’s proposal was accepted.
      6. exclude, without good cause, another buyer or supplier who is already involved in a client’s proposal.
    1. No member shall knowingly make false or misleading statements:
      1. about competitors.
      2. to secure otherwise confidential information.
      3. about the member’s expertise or ability to meet a potential client’s needs successfully and professionally.
      4. about rates, cost, accommodations, transportation, capacities, or any other factors regarding a proposed program.
    2. No member shall intentionally or negligently misinform or mislead, by act or omission, their clients about actual conditions or existing services and their ability to deliver a program.
    3. Unless privileged relations or agreements already exist, suppliers asked to quote on the same business by different customers shall treat all customers equally, with confidentiality, and giving them the opportunity to compete on equal terms.
    4. A member shall honor signed contracts and will make every effort to honor all commitments, both written and verbal, as legally required.
    5. Members must protect the confidentiality of all business arrangements and not knowingly reveal details of such agreements. A member intending to leave their employer and work for another firm or to establish their own company shall abstain from soliciting future business for himself/ herself or another company and shall not displace any confirmed business or take advantage of confidential information
    6. Members must be digitally responsible; they must maintain the confidentiality of the data of their employers, partners, and clients; as well, they must refrain from accessing data from a former employer or supplier.
    7. SITE in partnership with ECPAT, has zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking and subscribes to the Code of Conduct for Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. SITE members shall adhere to the rules of that Code.
    8. SITE has zero tolerance for any form of harassment towards other members, partners, and members of the global community it represents.
    9. SITE values diversity and inclusion and believes people should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation, and physical or mental disabilities. SITE welcomes input from such diverse experiences and expects all members to be inclusive of these various backgrounds.
    10. Membership in SITE implies that members have read the Code of Ethics and they fully agree to apply it, conducting business accordingly. Breach of any of the above articles may result in disciplinary action including expulsion from SITE.

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  • How to file a complaint under SITE’s Code of Ethics

    If you have a complaint against a member of SITE for any business practice you believe is unethical and a possible direct violation of SITE’s Code of Ethics.

    We recommend the following available options:

    1. Contact the SITE member immediately and explain your concerns.
    2. If the SITE member cannot or will not correct the issue to your satisfaction, call or write the member and explain the situation and outline the steps you would like taken.
    3. If the member does not resolve the matter, you may file a complaint with SITE’s Ethics Committee

    SITE does not handle

    • Employee/employer disputes
    • Discrimination claims
    • Matters that are/have been litigated/arbitrated
    • Complaints from or against individuals not engaged in SITE
    • Issues challenging the validity of local, state or federal law
    • Matters not related to SITE issues

    SITE Accepts complaints that meet the following criteria

    • The complaint includes the complainant’s name, postal address and email address
    • The complaint includes the accused member’s name, and provides sufficient information about their alleged violation of the SITE’s Code of Ethics
    • The complaint clearly indicates what resolution is being sought
    • The issue must have arisen within the previous 12 months
    • The complaint contains no abusive language

    You will need the following information at hand to help you complete the complaint form:

    • The party involved
    • Identification of item(s) in the Code that you believe were violated
    • The date and details of the incident
    • Efforts made to resolve the matter
    • Responses from or actions if any, taken by the other party to resolve the matter
    • What resolution is being sought?
    • If available, please provide supplemental documentation


    SITE does its best to ensure that complaints are handled confidentially, appropriately, and promptly but will only review complaints which are submitted on our standard formThe complainant will be notified that SITE is in receipt of the complaint

    Complaints are reviewed within 15 business days of receipt of the completed form.  SITE’s Ethics Committee reviews and analyzes each complaint, determines whether a violation of the SITE Code of Ethical Conduct has occurred and if an inquiry should be opened.

    If it is determined by the Committee that the alleged Code violation lacks merit, further investigation on the matter shall terminate and the complaining party shall be immediately notified in writing with an explanation/opinion as to why the allegation lacks merit.

    If the Committee has reason to believe that a SITE member has violated the Code, the Committee will forward details of the complaint to the offending member together with a letter via email. The member will be notified that a preliminary investigation of a specified possible violation has been conducted and requesting the member’s cooperation in supplying necessary information, documentation, and explanatory comment. The SITE Member has 10 business days business days to respond to the complaint.

    The Committee will review the response given by the SITE member within 10 business days of receipt. The Committee will then send all parties involved a letter via email after reviewing the complaint and response, outlining its assessment and suggested remedy.

    If the SITE member wishes to resolve the matter as suggested, they will need to notify SITE in writing within 10 business days

    Refusal to adhere

    In the event a member refuses to cooperate with the Committee and refuses to supply necessary information, documentation and explanatory comment or objects to the suggested remedy within the given time frame, a final email will be sent to the member informing that failure to respond may result in favor of the complainant, i.e., presumption in favor of complainant. The SITE Member will have five days to lodge a formal complaint to this decision in writing.

    Closing Decisions

    Remedies for violations can include written warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion from SITE membership.