Online Course

Storytelling: A Sales Pro’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

Upgrade your storytelling skills to make stronger connections with your audience.

  • Understand the strategic purpose of storytelling for successful sales, marketing and communications
  • Develop the skills to create relevant stories that move audiences
  • Customize your stories to create comprehension and activation

Description: Stories are universal in their use, appeal, and effectiveness—across cultures and across ages. In this course, participants will learn to craft and use compelling stories to sell incentive travel solutions to clients. Participants will learn to develop an audience profile to help tailor the story to the client, as well as components that comprise a compelling story to aid in development of the story. Finally, participants will consider positioning the story in a sales presentation and consider other sales opportunities where storytelling might be beneficial.

Telling Your Story to the Incentive Market is appropriate for sales professionals who have more than five years of selling experience in the Incentive Travel industry.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to craft powerful stories as a tool for selling incentive travel to specific clients.

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